Festa & Teca

Festa & Teca | 20/03 Barcelona

The Festa & Teca event uses cooking workshops, tastings and a market to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy diet.

On Sunday, 20th March, the Parc del Fòrum sets the scene for Festa & Teca, the festival for gastronomy and healthy food. Throughout the day there will be activities such as cooking workshops, tastings and a market, with the aim of introducing young and old alike to healthy habits with an emphasis on sustainability and proximity.

Various cooks, producers and specialists from different spheres will also be offering short talks and workshops. Displays from renowned chefs will also be on the menu, with the likes of Pedro Montolio and Pedro Corredor involved.

The event sees the Museu Blau and the Municipal Institute of Markets (IMMB) looking to raise the profile of the exhibition ‘Nutrition, Source of Life’, which is on until the end of June and demonstrates the importance of healthy habits.

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